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What Military Girlfriends & Military Wives Can Do for Veterans Day

By U&E Founder Stephanie Carroll

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First, I want to say a huge Thank You to all the Veterans as well as to their loved ones, their spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, children, parents, friends and other relatives. 

Thank You to everyone who sacrifices for our freedom and especially to those who experience the ultimate sacrifice. 

As someone who didn't grow up in a heavy Military Community or lived on a Military Base, even as a Navy Wife, I have spent many Veterans Days asking myself, what should I do? 

So I figured I'd save you from the worry and supply you with some ideas. Here are some things the Military Girlfriend or Military Wife can do for Veterans Day, and if you'd like even more resources, check out my Veterans' Day Pinterest Board.

There's some general confusion in modern society when it comes to what Veterans Day is all about. Some people get it confused with other appreciation days like Memorial Day, so it can help just to get educated. There's stuff below that I certainly didn't know.
Understand the Difference Between Veterans Day and the Other Appreciation Days

This includes Military Spouse Appreciation Day.
So there has actually been some controversy when it comes to thanking Military Spouses on Veterans' Day. I have done posts thanking Military Spouses and Military Girlfriends/Boyfriends on Veterans Day, and I personally think as long as you don't neglect to thank the Veterans themselves, it's always good to be thankful and show gratitude, but it's also important to understand there are other Military appreciation days too.

Ways You Can Say Thank You
What can you do besides just saying thank you? It's not like a birthday or Christmas as in a gift-giving holiday, so what can you do? Well, keep in mind the idea is to show appreciation.

Below are some really neat ideas, but also know that most Veterans don't expect anything and something as simple as a thank you is often more than enough. If you want to go a little further, making them breakfast or a card can be plenty to show appreciation. My point is, if this is all new to you, you don't need to feel obligated to paint the walls red, white, and blue or something.

Patriotic Recipes! 
Lots more ideas on the Pinterest Board!

Decorate to Celebrate.
Show how proud you are of your Sailor or Military Member by decorating and proclaiming to others your gratitude.

Veterans Day Memes.
Proclaim your gratitude to the world!

Decorate Your Pets!
Parade 68 by Jack via Flickr cc.

Just Do Something Nice.
I don't have a link for this one, but it's my way of saying thank you to my Sailor. I just make him breakfast or a special dinner. Other nice things that might show some appreciation could be cleaning his car or writing down how you feel about him and Veterans Day and letting him read it in private. Even small things can mean a lot.

Ways Children Can Say Thank You.
by The US Coast Guard and Families et al via Flickr cc
Receiving gratitude from children can be one of the most heartening experiences. If you have children or know children, teach them about Veterans Day and help them find a way to thank a Military Veteran.

How To Explain Veterans Day to Your Child. 

10 Veterans Day Poppy Crafts

Also don't miss the explanation of why poppies are a symbol used during Veterans' Day.

How do you show your Sailor that you appreciate his/her sacrifice on Veterans Day? 

Looking for more ideas? Check out the Pinterest Board!

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