Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting Through a Minor Illness Without Your Sailor

The Sailor's Woman

The Sailor's Woman
A recent bout of bronchitis reinforced something I've always known--nothing's worse than being sick...

...except being sick without another responsible adult to help you get through the rough patches.  (Why do the bad things always seem to happen when my Sailor's deployed?)  Add a dependant kid or two to the mix and you've reached a whole new level of miserable.

How did I cope?  While no one can be ready for every situation, a little pre-planning goes a long way.

Lucky for me, I live in an earthquake zone.  I'm continually being reminded I need 72 hours worth of food and water on hand for when the big one hits.  (Seriously, firefighters come to my house with pamphlets about this stuff.)  Even if you're not worried about shakes and quakes, a supply of basic, non-perishable pantry items can help you through your bronchitis or whatever else ails you.  Trust me--the last thing you want to be doing when you're sick is grocery shopping.  Just remember to restock when you're feeling better so you're prepared for the next bug or natural disaster.

It's not just food you need.  You'll appreciate a stocked first aid kit and medicine cabinet when you're not well enough to make a drug store run.  Over the counter medications treat those unpleasant symptoms and make you or your kids feel better.  You don't want to run out of these modern miracles when you most need them.  I know what I'm taking about here.  I'm that woman whose son threw up in front of Safeway because I couldn't leave him home alone when I went to buy Kids' Tylenol.  You don't want to be that woman.

The Sailor's Woman
What if you're really sick and your Sailor's away?  You might not know your neighbours yet and your family might be the next province over.  How will you get to the clinic if you're too ill to drive?  Obviously, if you're experiencing a medical emergency, call 911!  If things haven't reached that level of urgency, but you can't drive, always have enough cash at home to take a taxi to the doctor's office or hospital.

Hopefully you'll never need to follow any of this advice, but coping with a minor illness will be a little easier if you're prepared. 

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The Sailor's Woman
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In June my husband left for Afghanistan.  Before going overseas he was out of the province for about six weeks training for his adventure.  It’s been a long haul and it’s not over. Field lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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