Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Should You and Your Sailor Take Separate Vacations?

By Nanette Field
The Sailor's Woman

The Sailor's Woman
When my Sailor's away on one of those never-ending deployments, I can't imagine wanting to do anything without him.  (Seriously--when he's newly home I even drag him to the grocery store with me.)  However, once he's been back a while and the newness of having him around has worn off, the idea of separate vacations can sound pretty good.

Don't get me wrong.  I still enjoy spending time with him, but we don't have to be joined at the hip.  

Why should you take separate vacations?

Here are our top reasons:

1.  There's some truth to the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Going our separate ways gives my Sailor and me the chance to miss each other.  It's good to miss your Sailor (and give him a chance to miss you.)  Suddenly those annoying little things he does don't seem so bad.  The best part of a short separation?  That hot, hot, hot reunion!

2.  Nobody has to compromise on holiday plans.  He wants to go on a fishing trip, but I get seasick if I even look at a small boat.  No problem!  I could guilt him into giving up his dream trip, but that would likely lead to a miserable Sailor.  Instead, I'm heading to Vegas for shows and shopping with a girlfriend while he fills our freezer with delicious salmon.  It's win, win!

The Sailor's Woman
3.  I'll (finally!) have something interesting to talk about.  Our usual practice is for him to go far away and do really cool things while I stay home, stuck in the same old routine until he returns.  I appreciate the value of home and family and I recognize how lucky I am, but my regular life doesn't make for the best stories.  Even though what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I think I'll have a few good stories to share when I get home.

Bon voyage!


The Sailor's Woman
Hi, I’m Nanette.  Like most women, I wear many hats.  I’m a mom, a teacher, a Canadian Naval Officer’s wife, a blogger at The Sailor’s Woman and a novelist.

I have degrees from the University of British Columbia and the University of Moncton. I began writing as a child and I've published many short stories and essays.

In June my husband left for Afghanistan.  Before going overseas he was out of the province for about six weeks training for his adventure.  It’s been a long haul and it’s not over. Field lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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