Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Sailor's Tips to Keep Children Connected to Dad during Military Deployments

By Nanette Field
The Sailor's Woman

The Sailor's Woman
With Father's Day just around the corner, I asked our family's resident expert on deployments--my Sailor--for ideas to make every day feel like Father's Day.

Here are his top three tips to keep Sailor dads connected to their families not just on Father's Day, but every day they're away.

1.  Technology, technology and more technology!  Frequent emails, pictures, videos and Skype sessions help your Sailor feel like he's not so far away from his family.  This is especially important if your children are very young.  Little ones change so quickly that a few months away from them can feel like a lifetime.
2.  Snacks--both homemade and store bought favourites are always appreciated.  Just remember to choose treats that travel well.  A batch of your special cinnamon sugar cookies--check!  (Bonus points if you take the time to shape them into hearts!)  A box of yummy Roger's Chocolates when he's heading off to Afghanistan during the hot season--not such a good choice as my Sailor discovered when he found an oozing gooey mess in his care package.  (Note to self:  nothing that can melt if he's going to a hot climate!)

The Sailor's Woman
3.  Presents!  Who doesn't enjoy receiving thoughtful gifts and who's more deserving than your Sailor?  Keep in mind where he is when you're choosing what to send.  During our first winter together, I sent my Sailor a heavy LL Bean sweater.  Thoughtful, huh?  It would have been the perfect gift if he hadn't been cruising around the South Pacific.  Not only was it no use to him on that deployment, but he had to find a place to store it in his cramped cabin.  (Sorry, honey!)  My Sailor recommends magazines.  Many servicemen read their books electronically, but lots of Sailors and Soldiers enjoy actual paper magazines.  Special things that remind him of home are always appreciated, too.  My Sailor savoured the Tim Hortons coffee I sent

Sending warm wishes and gratitude to all the Sailors who sacrifice precious family time to make our world a safer place.  Happy Father's Day to you all!   

About Nanette
The Sailor's Woman
Hi, I’m Nanette.  Like most women, I wear many hats.  I’m a mom, a teacher, a Canadian Naval Officer’s wife, a blogger at The Sailor’s Woman and a novelist.

I have degrees from the University of British Columbia and the University of Moncton. I began writing as a child and I've published many short stories and essays.

In June my husband left for Afghanistan.  Before going overseas he was out of the province for about six weeks training for his adventure.  It’s been a long haul and it’s not over. Field lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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