Saturday, March 1, 2014

Join Us for Women's History Month: Win Three Women's Fiction Novels!

We Are Giving Away Our Women's Fiction Novels to Three Winners!

Finally, we are giving away a copy of each of our novels to three winners! Each winner will receive:

Amy Bird's Three Steps Behind You 

Nanette Field's Love in a Small Village 

Stephanie Carroll's A White Room

You Do Not need an account to enter. "Log In" only asks for your email and name so we can contact you if you win. You will not be signing up for anything else.

Celebrating Women's History Month 2014

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Today, March 1, 2014 marks the first day of Women's History Month and March 8, 2014 is International Women's Day. So to celebrate, we are doing some special things here at Unhinged & Empowered. 

Posting Women's History
We will be writing women's history posts all month long!

We Discuss Writing & Publishing
At the turn of the century, women writers were still looked down upon and many had to publish under male pen names to be taken seriously. In honor of women writers, myself, Amy Bird, and Nanette Field discuss our tips on writing and thoughts about modern publishing in my newsletter Coming Unhinged with Stephanie Carroll. Please sign up today to receive your free copy! 

Book Sale & Goodreads Author Chat

I’m starting the month off with a sale of A White Room for $0.99 from March 1 to March 15, and I’ve reduced my print edition to “at cost,” so it only costs the price to make it, about $8.56. I only receive royalties if my readers feel I earned them. They can donate at my website

I'll also be doing an author chat on Goodreads on March 9th for a period of 24 hours.
March 9th Author Chat with Stephanie Carroll!

We Will Promote Your Products: Avon, Scentsy, Oragami Owl, etc.!
Bracelets being sold by Rebecca Bell
In honor of women entrepreneur's and their beginnings in 1950s Tupperware Parties, I will be featuring a variety of reader's products for sale on my author Facebook page, our Unhinged & Empowered Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest
If you sell something and would like to be promoted in honor of women entrepreneurs, please submit your buy link and preferred promotional text HERE. There's no charge or catch. It's just to promote and honor women entrepreneurs and help remind us what women had to overcome to become business owners and leaders in the working world.

 I am also excited to be featuring women‘s products submitted by my readers on my social media platforms. I’m very happy to be featuring a reader who is selling women’sempowerment bracelets and breast cancer bracelets. Each bracelet costs $5, but a large portion of the proceeds goes toward ending domestic violence or toward curing breast cancer.  

I have the right to refuse any promotional copy if it does not help to further women entrepreneurs. 

Women's History Events!
On March 8th, Stephanie Carroll will be at iKlectic Muse in the Tower District in Fresno, CA. She will be discussing the history behind the antiques and vintage pieces in the store. She will also discuss the women's history associated with the many items found around the home.

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