Thursday, January 2, 2014

Important News & How it Affects Navy Wives & Girlfriends!

By Stephanie Carroll
The Veteran Navy Wife

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The following information affects the entire community, both Wives & Girlfriends so please read, and thank you for doing so and for being a part of Unhinged & Empowered. 

In the last several months of 2013, I brought on multiple regular contributors to Unhinged & Empowered and one of those contributors was Mindi, a Bonafide Navy Girlfriend. Mindi is writing the new series Navy Girlfriend Report. In that report, she plans to describe her experiences as a Navy Girlfriend undergoing her very first deployment.

But why? How can she give advice when she is only going through it for the first time? Well, the thing is, I didn’t bring her on to necessarily give experienced advice. There are a number of other reasons:

1.       She shows both Girlfriends & Wives who are going through a first-time deployment that they are not alone in their experiences.
2.       Those who are dealing with a first time deployment, or who are about to, can learn from Mindi’s reports or discover what to expect.
3.       She gives Navy Girlfriends & new Navy Wives a voice on this blog.
4.       She is providing myself and my fellow Navy Wives (both writers & readers) regular reports on what women are going through during that very first deployment. From her reports the community can write posts, comments, or discussions on the issues that women out there need help with.

Because of that #4 reason, I have been planning on following up the majority of Mindi’s posts with my own perspective and advice on the struggles she has written about. You may have noticed that after her very first post How I Decided Not to Get Married for Deployment, I followed up with The Pros & Cons of Staying a Navy Girlfriend for Deployment.

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For those of you who have been reading Unhinged & Empowered for a while, you know that the reason I started this blog was because I had a very difficult time as a new Navy Girlfriend and as a new Navy Wife just because I didn’t know about the resources that were there to help me, and I had no one to give me advice or support. So after years of experience, and after the internet became it's own social universe, I decided to create a community where new Wives and Girlfriends can get that support and a place where experienced Wives can offer their experienced support.

Mindi’s reports and my follow ups will contribute to that ultimate goal, but I also need all my readers to take part in her and my posts even if they say Navy Girlfriend on them as they are not just for Navy Girlfriends or just for new Navy Wives. I NEED the help of the experienced wives who can comment or discuss on Facebook to provide that hindsight and advice.

Thank you for reading and for being a part of the Unhinged & Empowered community. Remember you are some of the strongest women in the world and by sticking together, we can become even stronger!

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