Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What You Need to Know About Getting Angry with Your Sailor During Homecoming!

So last week I wrote about my fears of my husband's homecoming being ruined by our Fourth of July Curse - well good news is it wasn't. How could it be - nothing can beat the homecoming other than delays.

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However after that first day the homecoming honeymoon phase may already be fading away as was ours. The insane transitional emotions hit us like a lion shot out of a catapult - yeah it hurt! It's amazing how you long for a person so intensely, so completely, and then when you finally have them . . . you can hardly stand them!!!

It's amazing how they tell you this is going to happen and yet you still don't think it's going to happen. How could it? How could you possibly be anything other than thrilled to be with the man or woman you've longed for over the past who knows how many months?

And yet on day two we were both snapping at one another, and I even cried - simply because the idea of fighting on day two was in itself so upsetting to me.

It's bizarre and insane and ridiculous, but it's all perfectly normal. That's the good news. It will all pass. Try to give each other allowances and understanding. Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes and don't keep your emotions bottled up. Try to be open and talk with each other. And don't forget you are both going through a really big thing and you have every right to feel the way you do. Pat yourself on the back because you earned it and check out these resources and hopefully they will help ease some of the tension.

Resources for the Homecoming Transition Madness

Veterans and Families Prepare for Homecoming Guide

Military Spouse's Military GIRLFRIEND Homecoming Transition  - I always like to include something for girlfriends - they so often get forgotten and in many ways they have the least support.

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