Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Navy Homecoming on the Fourth of July! Will it be Perfect or Cursed!?!?!?!

Yay!!!! My husband is coming home from his deployment on yep the Fourth of July! Couldn't be more perfect right? Well, no. I'm freaking out!!!! So here's the thing, I'm not one to really believe in superstition or things like curses, but my husband and I have a Fourth of July curse. Every single Fourth of July we have had together in nine years of marriage has been horrible!

photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery via photopin cc
The first one we were fighting, the second one he was deployed and I was miserable, the third one he was deployed, the fourth one he was here, but I think we couldn't find anyone to do anything with. On one I was quitting smoking so you can guess. Then there was the fourth I was working for the first time as a reporter and my editor totally chewed me out for something I didn't do. The next fourth my hubby was on a debt and I begged people to take me out and then they ditched me with these terrible people and no ride! The next fourth ... guess who was on a debt? 

Now here we are, his final homecoming of his Naval career, and it's happening on the Fourth of July. Oh dear Lord may this day break the curse. I can't bear for anything horrible to happen. I literally couldn't sleep the other night just thinking something bad would happen to me or to him and we wouldn't be able to be together. 

What's worse. I have to go out of state the next day for a book reading and if for some reason his plane is late or doesn't make it on Thursday ... I can't not go to my own book reading! Yeah. Pressure. =/

All I want is just him. I don't care if the rest of the day is horrible, if this pimple on my nose actually pops up, or if my back spasms, or I get flat tire, or food poisoning. As long as I get my husband I will be fine. That's all I want is my husband.  

Well wish us luck and a happy homecoming... I'll let you know how it goes. 

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