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What is a Blog Tour and Why Am I doing One for My Debut Historical Fiction Novel "A White Room?"

This week I am announcing that my blog tour for "A White Room" will begin next Wednesday. 

But what is this blog tour I speak of and why am I doing it? 

Blog tours are the modern day author tour. Authors don't go on physical book tours anymore unless they are big time like Stephenie Meyer or Stephen King. 

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So now adays authors do "tour stops" on a bunch of different blogs over a short period of time. My blog tour will run from next week to the first week of August and includes 17 stops. These stops will involve book reviews, interviews about the book, guest posts by me on a subject related to my book, and raffles to give away free copies of my book both signed print copies and possibly free ebooks. 

***There may even be a few hidden codes for free ebooks as well.***

But how is this comparable to an author actually visiting readers at a physcial location? Well I will be visiting these blogs live on the scheduled tour dates to respond to comments and answer reader questions. Thus you will have direct digital contact with me as the author.  

During my blog tour, I will not be doing regular posts on my two blogs, but I will be posting redirects to the blog tour stops and perhaps leaving clues as to when a where a free ebook code may be hidden. ; )

So here are my Tour Dates - I hope to see my readers at some of these stops - virutally!

A White Room Blog Tour Dates

Weds, June 19  Oh, For the Hook of a Book:  Book Review

Thurs, June 20  Hazel the Witch:  Interview

Sat, June 22  Reading in Ecuador:  
Guest Post: How to Write Characters You Hate and Characters You Love to Hate

Thurs, June 27  Momma Bears Book Blog:  
Guest Post: The Story Behind Emeline’s Mental Distress

Sat, June 29  The Bookish Dame:  Interview & Giveaway

Tues, July 2 – I am Indeed:  Guest Post: Historical Accuracy in Historical Fiction

Mon, July 8 – Bookfari:  Interview and Giveaway
photo credit: Robbert van der Steeg via photopin cc

Tues, July 9 – Hazel the Witch
Guest Post – How to Write the Inner Thoughts of a Crazy Person - Finding Meaning in Insanity?

Weds, July 10  Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers: Review 

Fri, July 12 – Lost to Books:  Guest Post TBA and Giveaway

Mon, July 15 – A Writer of History:  Guest Post: Writing an Era – Where to Begin?

Weds, July 17 – Michelle’s Romantic Tangle:  Interview

Thurs, July 18  Oh, For the Hook of a Book:  Interview

Tues, July 23 – Unabridged Chick:  Review and Giveaway

Thurs July 25 – Ravings and Ramblings:  Review and Interview

Tues July 30  Reading the Past:  Giveaway and Guest Post:
Writing and Historical Thought - They Didn't Think Like We Did 100 Years Ago

Sat, Aug. 3  History and Women:  Guest Post: Victorian Women and the Mystery of Sex 

A White Room is now available on AmazonBarnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, Inktera, and Goodreads.

Please Leave a Comment: What do You Think of My Debut Novel? Are You Interested in the Blog Tour? What About Free Books? =)

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