Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A White Room Blog Tour and Book Giveaway Dates for Week #2!

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Hello Dear Readers! 

Yes I'm still amidst the blog tour and in-person tour for A White Room so please forgive me for not having my regular post but sending you to read a couple other posts that I've written for other blogs this next week.

On Thurs, June 27 – I'll be at Momma Bears Book Blog with a Guest Post on The Story Behind the Insanity in A White Room! I'll also being giving away a signed print copy of A White Room!

On Fri, June 28 – I'll be at The Bookish Dame with a really cute Interview and an ebook Giveaway.

On Tues, July 2 – I'll be visiting I am Indeed with a Guest Post on Historical Accuracy in Historical Fiction!

So I hope you support me and these other blogs and check out some of the posts. Don't forget to check out posts and giveaways from last week - many of which are still going!

Thank you to all the wonderful blogs that are being a part of my blog tour and thank you to all my readers who are supporting me while I'm on this tour. =)

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