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Everything Navy Couples Need to Know About Fights

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This is Round 1 in a three-part series. Check out 

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 Round 1: (10-6 Weeks Out from Deployment) .

What is it about an upcoming deployment that brings out the fighter in us? After almost a decade of marriage, three duty-stations, countless debts, and two deployments, I really thought I might be immune to some of these ridiculous pre-deployment emotions. Nope!

Dude, it’s like outrageously overwhelming. As soon as I realized we were close enough to count down by weeks instead of months, I went from “Oh baby, lets enjoy one another fully while you’re still here,” to “Oh my gosh, everything you say makes me want to claw your eyes out!”

Literally, it was immediate. I said, “Cruise is coming,” and he said, “Yep, it’s only so-and-so weeks away.” My jaw dropped at the realization, and then I was immediately infuriated at him for not telling me sooner that it was so close as if I couldn’t do the math myself or something.

Ever since, my claws have been out and that weird boxing mouth piece thing has been in. Everything he does is pissing me off! I can tell it’s happening to him too. I can see him getting irked by me and trying not to lash out and on at least one occasion actually lashing out for no good reason. I’ve done it on more than one occasion . . .

Some people say this phase is a subconscious effort to make it easier to leave one another, but I think most people would agree, it’s not really that helpful. It’s more just adding onto the pile of emotional madness this pre-separation period brings.

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Looking back on previous deployments, I can remember being so overwhelmed with emotions in response to this thing. I remember being irritated with him, angry and disappointed in myself for being irritated with him, guilty too, and also frightened that I was losing it, unable to appreciate and enjoy him for the time we had left together because all I wanted was for him to leave me alone!

The good news is I can say I figured out a way to make Round 1 not as bad as it used to be for me the first and second times I went through it. Even though I can’t seem to stop these emotions, I can recognize them and share it with him, “Sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. Looks like we got that pre-cruise fighting thing going on.” He raises an eyebrow, “Oh yeah, I think you’re right.” It’s not enough to eradicate the angst that is creating the tension between us, but I think it has been enough to call Round 1 a draw.

Acknowledging that it’s happening out loud made it almost feel as if I could relax a little. I’m not losing control. We don’t really hate each other. It's okay to feel this way. It’s just a normal reaction at this point. It made that feeling go away a little, you know that feeling like you have something pent up inside you, and the only way to get it out is to grab him by the collar and shake him until you feel better . . . . Plus, you get cool composure points for being the one to recognize and acknowledge it.

Now in the past I’ve only been able to reflect back on this period of pre-deployment angst, but today with this awesome blog, I have the opportunity to give you guys the blow by blow, so this is going to be a three-part thing. This post is Round 1, and I’ll keep you updated as I experience Round 2 and Round 3. Honestly, I don't really know what will happen next because in the past I wasn't keeping a record of my insanity. My hope is to provide some insight by stopping and analyzing this experience step by step … or at least bring you some humorous bad boxing metaphors.

Like I know how boxing works . . . do they even have boxing anymore? The boys and exercise videos are always going on about this no rules kick boxing stuff nowadays . . . am I right? They have rounds don’t they?

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 DISCUSSION: Anyone got any funny stories or good tips for this Awesome Experience?

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