Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans' Day: Thank You Military Wives and Military Girlfriends!

Veterans' Day is all about honoring those who serve, and it is definitely a thanks that is due, but another thanks is also due to the wives, girlfriends, and partners of military members because you too sacrifice so that the country can be safe and you don't usually get a thank you.

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So I wanted to write a post to say thank you to all the Military/Navy Wives and Girlfriends and Partners who lose six months to a year or longer of their loved ones every other year. Thank you to those women who go through pregnancy and birth without their husbands nearby. For raising your children by yourself for long stretches of time.

If you don't have children, for being alone in a quiet house at night and taking care of all those animals.

For taking care of everything you would never have imagined taking care of like the lawn, fixing sprinklers, pluming issues, the garbage disposal, rodent control, lifting heavy objects, killing spiders, driving all sorts of automobiles to prevent the batteries from dying, and doing the taxes!

Thank you for donating your time and money to help out other military families by providing holiday meals and children's events. Thank you for taking in single sailors when they are alone or in need.

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For hardly ever complaining and for hiding your tears and putting on a strong happy face for the world. For risking your sanity when he goes away. For supporting him even when you are horrified that something might happen to him.

For being willing to move all over the country every couple of years when you are not guaranteed a job or new friends or good schools for your children or even your favorite stores to shop.

For living a lifestyle where you know the love of your life and the father or mother of your children may literally sacrifice their lives for the freedom and rights of others.

Thank you for keeping the men and women who protect us strong and confident by supporting them and standing behind their sacrifice.

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Military members are selfless human beings and deserve to be honored and thanked, but the spouses and families that support them are also selfless and sacrifice their own comfort and choice of lifestyle to give their spouses the ability to serve.

Never forget that our Sailors and Soldiers would be nothing without you and you serve our country too.

Happy Veterans' Day and Thank You to all the Military Members, their Husbands, Wives, Partners, and Families.

Comments: What are some other things spouses do that should be added to this thank you list?

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