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The Secret to Dealing with Deployment Rumors

It’s common leading up to a long deployment to hear rumors: I hear cruise is going to be delayed; they’re saying it’s going to be extended; it’s going to get pushed up; it’s going to be back to back; it’s going to be followed by a two year turn-around, and on and on.

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Of course the commands strongly discourage this kind of talk as both a security issue and simply because it causes misinformation. Still, you will always hear things. So every spouse or girlfriend has to come to the decision whether or not to hope for the best or prepare for the worst.

I personally tend to go for prepare for the worst. I’m not trying to be pessimistic. I just don’t like getting let down, and I find that I do better when I’m psychologically prepared for the worst whereas if I have succumbed to expecting something better and it doesn’t happen, it’s rather crushing for me. I’ve even taken to expecting cruises to be extended at least two months whether I hear a rumor about it or not. That way, if it is extended, I will be ready for it and if it’s not, then what a delightful surprise!

But long behold, I have come across a first in my Navy Wife tours … what is one to do when the hopeful rumors are beginning to be confirmed by a command? What if one of those good rumors were to even be officially announced: Such and such wonderful thing has occurred and the deployment has been delayed, shortened, called off (ha!), etc.? Then what is one to believe?

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When one of those “I’ve heards” recently turned into, “the skipper said,” I didn’t even respond to my husband. I just continued the conversation as if the statement were never made. He looked puzzled, surprised by lack of excitement.

That’s when I realized that the option of believing such news was not in my repertoire. Even as days have passed, and the news has become more and more official, I’m still not buying it. He keeps giving me these quizzical looks, but I really am not sure if I can believe good news in this type of circumstance, or if I want to because what if something changes?

So what has been your experience with rumors coming true? Do you hope for the best or prepare for the worst? Have you ever had a good rumor come true and did you believe it? Have you ever witnessed the best occur or is it always the worst or somewhere in the middle?

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  1. A reader and friend of mine can't seem to post comments for some reason - I hope no one else is having this problem =/ but anyway, I'm posting her comment below:

    I prepare for the worst. Having kids in the military that is now of age to somewhat understand the part where Daddy is gonna be gone for a long period of time. I like to prepare her for the worst so that she is not heart broken in case the plans get extended. And if it's shorter then what a delightful surprise (just like what you said). Rumors will always be there, it's part of life. I tend to believe things when my husband tells me things, but from people I know, not so much.

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