Thursday, July 30, 2015

Does Your Sailor Not Answer Emails While Deployed?

A major factor in transforming a Navy Wife into a psycho is this weird tendency for our guys to not answer emails when they are on the boat, especially when it’s about stuff that is important.

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For example, you ask: where’s the checkbook? Note: this is just an example. For me, the checkbook is so my territory. He don't know where I hide it. =) But in this instance let's say you can't find it in his stuff.

Day 1:  A day goes by . . . nothing. No email at all. Sometimes this happens. You think, Well he must have gotten busy right? I hope he realizes, if I’m looking for the checkbook, it means I need to use it for something pretty soon. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and be an understanding and patient person.

Day 2:  Finally, you do get an email from him but nothing alludes to the location of the missing checkbook. If you are nice, or it’s not a super important issue, you give another day. If you’re like me, when you write back, you politely ask again first or last thing in the email, possibly in CAPS. “Oh, and you never answered, where’s the checkbook?”

Day 3:  Still, you get either no reply or an email that says nothing about said checkbook. Does he not know where it is? I need to write a dang check. Why isn’t he answering? It almost starts to feel like some diabolical scheme or trick he’s playing on you.

For some reason this non-acknowledgement of a question and need for an answer is something that infuriates me to the core. TO THE CORE!!!

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Usually I end up sending another email with the subject line and content as the question at hand. Sometimes, as in usually, I include a curse word: WHERE IS THE $&#@! CHECKBOOK?

Day 4:  Then if I still get no answer, which has happened, I halt all correspondence until my demands are met. It’s quite a long process for a missing checkbook or whatever else the question might be about, and like I said, it’s usually something important. Nevertheless, failure to answer for non-important questions is just as infuriating.

For the sake of information, I wrote my husband, who is currently on a Pacific Coast boat debt, to query him on this happenstance. This isn’t a one-sided blog. I want to include the Sailor’s perspective, his side of the story. So I asked, “Why is it that sometimes when you are on the boat, you don’t answer a question until I harass you? Answer quick, it’s for the blog.”

Day 1 . . .

Check out his answer in the Guest Post: Why Sailors Take So Long to Answer Email and What to Do About It.

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